Poster Design

May 2023

The purpose of a particular project was to create a visual statement in the form of a poster that illustrates a social awareness. In this case, the attention was drawn to the issue of Russia's propaganda and how it is broadcast in the news.

Poster on a billboard

The main goal was lightly, but at the same time on possible maximum convey this issue and bring awareness to it. To remind everyone how important it is to be able to distinguish the real truth from lies.

Tote bag design
Poster on the street

The process involved designing the first page of the newspaper according to the context of the topic and then printing it on paper that had the particular texture of the newspaper. After that, it was a matter of scanning and composing it into a poster.

This project instilled in me the ability to impartially look at a situation that is quite delicate in nature. And at the same time, be able to produce the desired level of impact, which, of course, should be present in such cases.

Lie poster
Black arrow in a circle