parallel 49

Branding Design

May 2023

The Parallel 49 is a brewing company, selling in over 100 cities across Canada, serving up more than 70 unique brews per year. With over 90 employees, P49’s next step is to move farther into Eastern Canada while continuing to deliver on its mission statement: Making great beer accessible to all!

Logo + brand color

The whole design of the logo was constructed with this idea to participate as many people as possible, not only from Eastern Canada but from the whole world. That is why the main potential it had was of being extended to a complete brand system by using 49° as a start for coordinates formulas situated on this north parallel.

Business cards

The design approach is mainly based on the feeling of human energy, enthusiasm for life, and the heat of the moment. The way I chose to translate it, is by referring to an act of travel on the 49th parallel.

Beer pack

After going through this process, I realized how essential it is to have a thoughtfully created brand identity that communicates with the audience and always has the potential to expand.

Black arrow in a circle