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Packaging Design

October 2022

There are many anti-viral facial tissue companies on the market and most of them are using very standard packaging. Facial tissues themselves are often regarded as a decorative object and meant to be seamlessly blend into all styles of decor and every day used items such as bags. Thus, manufacturers will often go for abstract patterns, mundane landscapes and visual cliches.

Set of 3 tissue boxes

In this project, the aim was to explore the direct connection between the product and its use in an unexpected, original, and unique way. The main purpose remains to reconstruct the standard packaging and make it conceptually reflective of the contents by using design both structurally and visually. This particular packaging design of facial tissue is based on the concept of essentiality of anti-viral components in them, make it as an «antidote» from illnesses, that «pill» we all take preventing the viruses.

Close up of the green box
Full view of the green box
Open green box
Open blue box

The whole process was based on the idea of medical prescriptions in mind and translating this feel into the packaging itself. One of the challenges I faced was to figure out the way to smoothly integrate this medical aspect combined with an accessible packaging design.

3 open boxes

The result led to the new, unusual look of packaging for the facial tissues. I was very impressed by how conceptually a boring packaging can turn into something more impactful. The box became much smaller which makes it easier to fit in a midsize to large size bags or backpacks, therefore it turned into something more convenient for day-to-day life.

Open purple box
Black arrow in a circle