Packaging Design

December 2022

Vitamins A, C and E are essential nutrients, which have antioxidants, in most cases they help us to maintain the healthy body throughout the year. Vitamin A responsible for vision and skin, vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps maintain your immune system and collagen level while vitamin E is to sustain the body and improving blood flow. In general, the vitamin packaging is lacking convenience and esthetical appeal.

Open vitamin A box

The main goal is to highlight essentiality of the product and make the use of packaging that is handier for everyday life and esthetically pleasing in terms of the design. Vitamins could be seen as a crucial tool in life and the packaging should reflect that purpose.

3 boxes spines (vitamin a,e,c)
2 lying boxes (vitamin etc) + 1 standing (vitamin a)
3 standing boxes (vitamin a, c, e)
Vitamin A box, standing

The first thing I decided to change was the shape and material of the box. The form took a flat configuration – I chose a small metal tin box which made it possible to fit in the bag, beside a daily planner or a notebook. Another part of the process was to come up with a cover for it to keep it closed most of the time. And the solution came intuitively, for marketing purposes I went with a simple slip-on sleeve that is sustainable and effortless in use.

Vitamin A, close up 1
Vitamin A, close up 2

This project was trickier than I thought it would be since I was supposed to find a way to move away from established over the years a standard round bottle of vitamin packaging. But in the result, I produced a fully thought-out packaging design for the series of the three key vitamins – A, C, and E that are successfully working together in connection with colour, material, and form.

Vitamin A box in a tote bag
Black arrow in a circle