Poster Design

March 2023

The main goal of this project was to develop and conceptualize a poster that could represent three years of study in the graphic design program at Dawson College. Create visuals that can be expanded into a catalogue, website, social media posts, and graduation event decorations.

Standing crux poster

The goal was to create a poster that will reflect on our graduating class experience throughout the years and set the message for the future. Additionaly, it should have th potential to be easily extendable in different media.

Crux booklets
Crux t-shirt

The process was full of sketches, digital explorations and the final assembling of the pieces that were conceptually created to translate the theme and accomplish the goal of this project.

The final result consisted of a visual that was intended to be a puzzle, a crux of each person's life. All of those small squares in possession of each and every one of us and we are in charge of deciding how to shape it.

Crux poster
Black arrow in a circle